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Kevy Nova: Home

Hi there! I'm the guy who has raised over $42,000 for CANCER CHARITIES by playing guitar for 24 HOURS straight!  (You can still donate by clicking HERE)

I am now offering guitar, bass and ukulele lessons via live video! Contact me at for more information! 

Please join my mailing list or follow me at ReverbNationFacebook, Twitter, Youtube or Instagram to keep updated!

Here's some music to listen to, I hope you like it...


As you may have heard, I hit a pretty hard bump in the road last year. Between medical expenses for me and my dog, I had to start a gofundme page in order to get by. I'll spare you the details but if you want the whole story, click HERE. I'm still in the process of bouncing back but the support I have gotten has been OVERWHELMING! I plan on writing a song for the Top Donor and I will include the names of everyone who contributed on my next CD. Below are the names of everyone who has donated so far. These are my Heroes and my Saviors!

Jerry Scott 

Dan Littlefield 

Kathleen Cappella 

Jenna North 

Andrew Radu 

Rod Gilchrist

Kevin Warshauer

Zhiguang Zhang 

Rachel and George Shelley

Theresa Petrie 

Luc Radu 

Dennis and Sarah Willis

KJ Smith

Jena & Mark Davis 

Lisa Harrigan 

Jeff Pink 

Killian Higgins 

Theresa Grant 

Edith Radu

Frank Reisinger

Andrew Calman 

Mariel Baker 

Rob Myers 

James Taylor 

Miles Duvall 

Nomi Harper 

Gabriel Wachob & Cathy Luo 

Cathy Minshall 

Fredrik Forsman 

Electra Field 

Sara Nebeling 

Vickie Taft 

Peter Finch 

Calman Family 

John Treacy 

Robin Damiano 

Kirin Lancaster 

Sheri Olson 

Gregory Baurmann 

Jessica Giovannoni 

Stephanie Izzarelli 

Ulli Bisono 

Chris MacGilfrey 

Nicole Claret 

Kulda Family 

Sean Dunleavy 

Peter Innes 

B St Music Staff 

Ben Nitzan 

Gary Zimmerman 

Lori Oz 

Leila Lurie

Tessa Kelly 

Johnny Mo 

Alicia Tepas 

Joe Kirsch 

Cassie Levy 

Kathy Ray 

Brad Mencarelli 

James Henderson 

Anne Williams 

Jacob Harvill 

Robert Slye Jr 

Sara Forrest 

Athena Boulger

Angela Fragomeni

Lainey SainteMarie-Mixter

Jess Martin

JoAnna Baber 

Amy Fothergill 

Rixter Mixter 

April Turner 

Puppy LOVE 

Chris Dant 

Heather Rose 

Koren LaTocha 

Jeanie Schmidt 

A Nonymous 

Ron Rose 

Corrine Woo 

David Bosko 

Roberta Gelt 

Susan Selkirk 

Kim Fujimori 

Tim Hopkins 

The Mauk Family 

Sarah Griffiths 

Ron Layton 

Gemma's Mom 

Keri Moeller 

Ross Feickert 

Donna McCurdy 

Nannette Wilkinson 

Groovy Judy 

Marva Seaton 

Pete Gascoyne 

Patty Ray 

Kelly Family 

Linda Cashion 

Harry Hall 

Brian Starnes 

Andrew Calman 

Jessica Martin 

Rixter Mixter 

Robert Cassidy 

Peter Innes 

Patrick Andersson

Patty Ray 

Ray Olson

Kellie Morlock 

Terri Burdick 

Julie Ricker-Hagler 

Forrest Family 

Juan Rodriguez 

Rick Halloran

Robin Damiano 

Andrew Sherman 

Tim Woudenberg 

Janet Clark 

Arancha Casal 

Rosa Brody


Plus 28 Anonymous Donors! Thank You ALL!!!!